About the building

Convenience and status
in one place

The BEL Plaza building is equipped with all the necessary
infrastructure, including a restaurant
and an underground 2- level parking for 82 cars.

Office rental
from the owner

The office center "BEL Plaza" is located in the business center of Samara on Molodogvardeyskaya Street, 204.

The building is assigned class "A" according to the Classification of office centers of the Guild of Managers and Developers.

The convenient location of the office center in close proximity to the Government building of the Samara region, the Samara Provincial Duma, the Arbitration Court of the Samara region, a premium residential quarter makes it attractive for rent by large banks, international companies, state funds.

The total area of the complex is 14,287 sq. m. The area of the aboveground part is 11,743 sq. m. Two-storey underground Parking for 82 cars. Paid hourly underground parking for guests of the office center and residents of the city 24/7

10 floors

An office center of class "A"

2 769м2

The area of the land plot

11 743м2

The area of the aboveground part

14 287 м2

The total area of the building

82 parking spaces

Two-level parking


Centralized reception service


Author's cuisine restaurant

Dining room

Quick business lunches

Automatic fire extinguishing systems

This is a set of technical means for extinguishing a fire by releasing a fire extinguishing agent.

Smoke removal

This is the technological equipment of supply and exhaust ventilation, which creates a reserve of air and smoke removal

Fire warning system

A set of technical means designed for the timely transmission of information about the occurrence of a fire and evacuation routes.

Video surveillance

A software and hardware complex designed for organizing video monitoring in an office center

Evacuation management system

It helps to act smoothly in the conditions of fire and competently evacuate people from dangerous areas

Access control and management system

Software and hardware complex for automatic determination and implementation of access rights in an office center.

Security alarm system

A system that ensures the fixation of extraneous penetration into the protected area and sends an alarm signal to the security point.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning and ventilation system based on "chiller-fan coils", combined with central heating, and a natural ventilation system of the business center.

Supply and exhaust ventilation system

The supply and exhaust ventilation system is a complex of equipment that provides air intake from the street, its cleaning from dust, pollen, heating and supply to the room.

Internet, telephony, etc

It is provided by concluding contracts with providers. Currently, more than 9 communication service providers are represented in the business Center.

Independent heating system

The heat supply of the building is provided from its own roof gas boiler house with the parameters of the coolant 95/70 °C.

Own gas boiler house

Independent heating and hot water supply system

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