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Manage services through the app

Manage services through the app

For high-quality management and operation of a high-level business center, it is necessary to fully coincide the interests of Tenants and the Management Company.

The main idea is the comfort of tenants.

Maintaining high standards in the business center is possible only thanks to the most coordinated, professional and customer-oriented approach of the management team, both to issues of technical operation and to issues of relations with tenants.

In recent years, leading management companies have been thinking about quality control systems for services, conducting internal audits of all facilities, monitoring the constant maintenance and growth of the level of service and identifying potential for improvement.

One of the quality control functions in the BEL Plaza business center is performed by a mobile application.
The introduction of this option in 2020 made it possible to create a convenient platform for two-way operational interaction with the tenants of the business center.

The application helps tenants to quickly and easily notify the technical service of the business center about the need to perform any types of work and promptly receive the necessary service, and the administration of the business center, in turn, gives the opportunity to promptly inform about the events planned in the "Bel Plaza", interesting offers and new opportunities.

To connect to the application, you need to contact our office manager.

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