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IT companies choose Bel Plaza

IT companies choose Bel Plaza

The Institute for Statistical Research and Economics of Knowledge of the Higher School of Economics conducted an assessment of the dynamics and prospects of the IT industry. Its high importance in the context of forced restrictions associated with the pandemic is noted at the level of the Government of the Russian Federation. Taking into account the discussion held in the Government, a comprehensive plan of support for the industry was prepared, aimed at creating a Russia has globally competitive working conditions for IT specialists and businesses.

IT companies adopt the latest approaches to the organization of business processes. As a result, they are at the forefront in the design of workspaces.

Main parameters of IT company offices:

  • Informality and flexibility;
  • Kitchen as a creative development tool;
  • Game zones;
  • Manufacturability;
  • Environmental awareness;
  • Without too much noise.

The development of the IT industry is clearly visible in the Samara region. In terms of the number of requests for office space, the first place is occupied by IT companies from various regions of Russia. New companies are coming to our market, and local ones are increasing the area.

For many years, there has been a pool of tenants in this sector in the Bel Plaza business center, it has grown significantly in recent months and this is a fairly dynamic and active process. There are also many companies on the waiting list.

What attracts owners and development specialists to our business center?

  1. They choose the best. Services of class "A" level, location.
  2. Convenience. Two-level underground Parking, bicycle parking, ramps for people with limited mobility.

This is a unique offer for the city center.

  1. A large selection of communication providers. This is one of the most important parameters.
  2. The ability to carry out office work around the clock.
  3. The ability to implement almost any office concept on a rented area (there is no ban from the Criminal Code on changing zoning, design, etc.)
  4. Assistance in finding contractors to carry out repair work.
  5. The management company provides office maintenance services, as well as provides cleaning services of any complexity.
  6. A unique opportunity for the city to interact with the management company through a mobile application. This allows you to always be in touch with the management company, is in the center of events (the first to receive up-to-date information about services and events in Bel Plaza)
  7. And many other useful options.

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