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Happy people work in our business center

Happy people work in our business center

A loud statement, but an absolute fact, without a grain of irony.

Morning of the working day. An employee of the business center goes to work past the sunlit square, sees the blue surface of the river, the expanses of the right bank.

He enters the lobby of the business center, where the employees of the management company smile at him. In the business center, in general, everyone smiles at each other and greets each other.
Goes to the office. A little later, he goes down to the coffee shop, where they will make him a fragrant coffee or prepare his favorite drink. The owner of the coffee shop knows the tastes and preferences of his visitors.
With hot coffee, you can return to your workplace, or you can go outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and fresh air. Then it's time to devote yourself to the workflow.

At lunch, you can relax: have a delicious meal, go to the promenade or hold business negotiations. There are many establishments around that offer a business lunch, bakeries with delicious pastries. You might think that there is no time left for work at all, but time shows that quite the opposite.

More than nine hundred people work in companies that rent offices in BEL Plaza. And most of them have been coming to Molodogvardeyskaya, 204 for many years. Stable or actively developing companies are the main part of our tenants.

We don't have one-day companies and a string of individuals. We have had, have and will have wonderful partners. So it happened... And this is our uniqueness, and that is why we are chosen by the best Samara, Russian and foreign companies. We value this endlessly and make every effort to maintain this special atmosphere and the quality of services provided to tenants.