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Real estate management

Povolzhsky Regional Center LLC is a member of the BEL Development Group of companies.

The company professionally serves the commercial real estate sector, has an experienced team, great potential in construction, legal, financial, analytical aspects of the implementation of development projects, as well as in structuring and solving complex financial and legal problems.

LLC "PRC" provides the following types of services:

  • Pre-operation
  • Commercial management
  • Technical support

Benefits of working with our company:

  • Experience and competencies.
    We have been effectively managing real estate properties for more than 19 years. Thanks to the accumulated experience and continuous professional training, we offer only the best solutions.
  • Established relationships with suppliers.
    Our company has long-term partnerships with service providers, government and administrative structures.
  • Individual approach.
    We work with the client's interests, needs, and goals in mind. We are interested in finding the best solution for you and implementing it.
  • Economically reasonable costs for the operation of objects.
    LLC "PRTS" helps owners to increase operating income from the maintenance of the asset, optimizing their costs and attracting new tenants, as well as increase the market value and attractiveness of the object.


  • technical operation (technical documentation of the facility, routine maintenance, dispatching service, scheduled preventive maintenance, preparation of the facility for seasonal operation, emergency cover)
  • technical audit (audit of the technical documentation of the object, the organizational structure of the technical service of the object, the work of contractors for the maintenance of engineering systems of the object, the mode of maintenance of the object)
  • social networks (we will develop a content plan, expand the community, and ensure communication with customers)
  • mobile application (all information in one place, analytics and reports, a modern communication channel)
  • accounting services

LLC PRTs manages the following objects::

Office center of class "A" BEL Plaza.
The property is located at 204 Molodogvardeyskaya Street, near the Samara Region Government building and the Provincial Duma.
The object area is more than 14,000 sq. m.;

SaTKo property complex.
Warehouse and production areas located at 29 " B " Alma-Atinskaya St., the object area is more than 18,000 sq. m.;

Athletics Palace at 101 Fizkulturnaya Street.
Taking care of the physical health of our children and youth, in 2018 LLC "PRTS" decided to make a major overhaul of the Athletics Sports Palace, not to allow the facility to close with the status of "in disrepair". After the renovation of the sports complex, the attractiveness of the object for the sports community of the city and the country has significantly increased.
Equipped in accordance with modern requirements, the facility allows for more efficient training activities.
The total area of the property is more than 10,000 sq. m.

The building belongs to the objects of social and cultural heritage. Accepted for maintenance by LLC "PRTS" in 2019.
The serviced area of the object is 3833 sq. m.
The total area of the operated facilities is 45,000 sq. m.

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